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We're the Twin Cities professionals in roof replacements, new roof installations, and roof repairs. Our team provides the perfect solution for all of your roofing needs.

Shingles, Steel, Flat or Wood



We offers several home siding options to choose from that will boost your home’s curb appeal, improve energy efficiency, and make it better protected from the elements.

Vinyl, Steel, Flat or Wood



If your windows are unsightly, peeling, or drafty, talk to us to clearly see how Patriot Homes window replacements are the best choice for your Twin Cities home.

Installing the highest quality widows available.



Quality gutters are critical for maintaining a sound roofing system, exterior walls, and a dry basement. We installs custom-fit gutters to last a lifetime.

Seamless, Aluminum & Steel



Patriot Homes gets you the very most by working with your insurance company to ensure you receive every penny you’re entitled to from storm damage.

Return to pre-storm condition


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Most Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Will Insurance Cover My Roof Repair?2023-12-03T02:01:34+00:00

The extent of coverage for roof leaks is determined by your insurance policy and the root cause of the problem.

In most cases, home insurance covers repair expenses for leaks resulting from sudden events like storm damage or falling trees. However, it may not extend to leaks caused by wear and tear or insufficient maintenance. The onus is on homeowners to ensure regular upkeep of their roofs.

To schedule service with Patriot Homes, the best contractor in the roofing industry, fill out our online form or call (763) 957-2066 .

Will Rain Damage My Flat Roof?2023-12-03T01:55:15+00:00

Commercial buildings often have flat roofs that run the risk of water damage without regular inspection from a roofing contractor. Commercial roofing systems have a watertight membrane that prevents water from seeping into the building.

Why Does My Roof Have Dark Streaks?2023-12-03T01:49:25+00:00

Algae and mold can form and destroy roof shingles by feasting on the adhesive that attaches them to the roof. Our roofer can replace asphalt roof shingles and restore the original color of your roof.

Should I Replace My Roof if I Plan To Sell My Home?2023-12-03T01:46:50+00:00

If your roof has missing shingles or the roofing material looks damaged, they are less likely to make an offer. Searching “roofing repair contractors near me” and talking to a professional before you put your home on the market can help your sale go smoothly.

Does Roof Replacement Take a Lot of Time?2023-12-03T01:44:38+00:00

The cost of roof replacement varies because fo its size and type of roofing material. Additionally the time it takes to replace your roof might be longer when the contractor has to remove your old roof before installing the new one. Our roofing pros will provide you with an estimated schedule and address any of your other roofing concerns at the time.

When Is the Best Time of Year to Invest in a Brand New Roof?2023-12-03T01:35:05+00:00

If fallen tree limbs cause extensive roof damage, you may not get to choose when to install a new roofing system. Though the cost may change throughout the year, there is no ideal time for roof replacements. You should search “roofing repair near me” as soon as you notice the damage.

What Roofing Materials Will Hold Up Through a Minnesota Winter?2023-12-03T01:28:44+00:00

Architectural asphalt shingles last longer than regular shingles and have a nice aesthetic that will boost curb appeal.
Luxury asphalt shingles are much thicker than regular asphalt roofing shingles, making them worth the investment.

My Roof Leaks. Do I Need Roof Replacement?2023-12-03T01:15:04+00:00

Whether you need a new roof depends on what we find during our inspection. If your roof is leaking, it could be due to minor problems like curled shingles or more serious issues like roof rot. We’ll assess the damage during our inspection. If it’s just a few curled shingles, a simple replacement may be enough. But if the damage is severe, like roof rot, you might need a completely new roof.

How Long Will a New Roof Last?2023-12-03T01:05:34+00:00

The durability of a new roof is dependent upon the chosen materials, with asphalt shingles generally having a lifespan of approximately 20 years and the potential for other materials to surpass this benchmark.

When deciding to invest in a new roof, it is a substantial commitment, making it essential to grasp its expected longevity. Here is a basic guideline:

Asphalt Shingles: Typically, a new roof featuring asphalt shingles will endure for at least 20 years, and regular maintenance can play a role in enhancing its overall lifespan.
Other Materials: Various materials present diverse lifespans. Notably, metal roofs are recognized for their robustness and can surpass the longevity of asphalt shingles. Additionally, specific shingle types like architectural or premium varieties may offer extended lifespans.

Is Roof Repair Expensive?2023-12-03T00:54:42+00:00

Roof repair costs are not one-size-fits-all; they depend on unique factors specific to your home. The size of your roof, the severity of the damage, and the choice of materials significantly influence the overall cost. At Patriot Homes, we understand the importance of tailored solutions, and that’s why we offer a free estimation service – Instant Roof Quote.

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When it comes to roofing, siding, gutters, windows, and home exterior projects in general, we know that you have a lot of options. We at Patriot Homes pride ourselves on offering the best home exterior services around. We are known for providing honest services with 100% satisfaction. Give us a call for your home or business exterior project at (763) 957-2066.

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