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If you’ve had your roof for more than 20 years, it’s time to start thinking about calling a roofing company for maintenance. Whether you have hail damage from a recent storm or it’s time to install a new roof, Patriot Homes provides quality roofing in Savage, MN.

There’s no way to avoid storms in Minnesota. Even when you have a high-quality roof, the next “snowmageddon” could knock off shingles or destroy your flashing.

If you think you have roof damage, call our roofing contractor as soon as you can. Damage that seems small today may grow into a huge problem for your whole house tomorrow. Quick roof damage repair will keep mice from getting cozy in your insulation or water from seeping in and destroying the wooden structure.

As Savage’s trusted roofing company, we complete the necessary repairs and can even install new, storm-proof windows and damage-free siding. Call today to discuss your needs.

Storm Damage Restoration From Our Roofing Contractors

When a storm passes through the area, it can cause roof and siding damage, completely disrupting your plans as you deal with the aftermath of the storm. The good news is, we provide excellent storm restoration service. During a stressful event, you need reliable service from a local Savage roofing company to help you repair the damage and move forward.

Our post-storm roofing services include replacing loose or missing shingles in order to prevent water damage. We also maintain roofs by ensuring the gutter system is free of clogs. As a quality roofing contractor, we know that the gutter system plays a huge part in minimizing the frequency of residential roofing repairs.

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Communicating with your insurance company can be confusing and frustrating. We will handle the business side of the claim process and contact your insurance provider on your behalf. Our roofing company knows exactly how to talk to insurance companies so they don’t take advantage of you.

If you need a roof restoration after storm damage, we can install a metal roof over your home. Metal roofing is durable enough to withstand future storms.

Your Trusted Savage Commercial Roofing Contractor

The protective rubber membrane on commercial buildings’ roofs keeps out water, mold, and other debris. When it has holes or tears, your building could end up with all sorts of problems. We can address commercial roofing needs and will do everything we can to avoid replacing the entire roof.

When you call us for a roof inspection, we will let you know if a repair is all you need or if it’s time to consider replacement options.

Discover the Curb Appeal Boost a New Roof Can Give Your Property

No matter the cause of your commercial or residential roofing problems, you need the best roofing company in Savage. We’re so confident in our roof repairs that we offer a free estimate for service.

At Patriot Homes, we’ve got your back. We’ve also got your roof. Reach out to us via call or text at (763) 957-2066 or by filling out our online form.