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If your Zimmerman home has been struck by hail or storm damage in the past months, time is critical. Let the pros at Patriot Homes inspect your roof and home exterior for free and provide you with a comprehensive report of the damage. If you’re looking for a roof replacement and/or home painting contractor, we’ve got your back on those projects too!

Homeowners in Zimmerman face potential damage from storms every season, whether strong winds, rain, hail, or snow and ice dams. It’s important to be alert and aware of storm damage and make repairs in a timely manner.

Hiring a reputable storm damage contractor in Zimmerman, MN is the smart way to deal with storm damage to your roof, gutters, siding, and windows. Our trusted and professional team of home exterior inspectors, roofers, and contractors will help every step of the way of the storm damage inspection and repair process to ensure you receive maximum coverage for all storm or hail damage.


Zimmerman, MN is no stranger to damaging storms. Any time following storms with sustained, high-speed winds, hailstorms, or if your roof is aging, it’s wise to walk around your home and look for obvious signs of damage. If you see any damaged shingles, debris on your roof, or missing shingles, contact us at (763) 957-2066 for a free roof inspection.

You’ll also want to look for gutter damage, such as sagging, dents, or separated seams. Siding damage could include blown away siding profiles, holes, dents, and chipped paint. Not all storm damage is obvious, such as shingle fractures from hail and wind-stress fractures to the siding. If you see that other nearby homes have any storm or hail damage, get your home exterior inspected as well.

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Storm damage to one’s home is an awful occurrence that nobody wants to go through. On top of the initial damage, more damage to a home can happen if the repair isn’t identified and mended quickly.

If you think your home has been hit with storm damage, call the storm damage repair experts at Patriot Homes. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners deal with their insurance companies. With our comprehensive inspections using video and images, rest assured you’ll get every penny that’s due to you for storm damage. Lastly, we’ll get to work diligently and get your back in great and beautiful condition!

Keep in mind, that making timely repairs to storm and hail damage is very important! If you delay in getting a roof inspection or roof repairs when needed, you run the risk of incurring additional damage to an already weakened roofing system and siding. If storm damage goes unchecked, insurance companies may not cover additional damage to your home and property. Further, homeowners insurance policies typically include a time limit on which to file a claim.


Whether your roof has sustained storm damage, or it has just aged beyond repair, a roof replacement in Zimmerman is best handled by the pros at Patriot Homes! Maybe your roof just needs a repair. With our free inspection at your fingertips, you can make the right decision that’s best for your unique situation regarding roof replacement or roof repair in Zimmerman. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction!


We inspect hundreds of roofs in Zimmerman and the Twin Cities Metro region every year. Most often, our comprehensive roof inspections show that a roof repair is all that’s needed rather than a roof replacement. We only want to provide you roofing services that you need and want. We offer fast, free storm damage inspections with no obligation and no pressure! If your home has been through a hail storm or strong, sustained winds, call us for a free roof inspection!


Does your home need a fresh coat of paint? Are you considering an interior paint job to brighten and enliven your Zimmerman home? Look no further than the Veteran-owned company Patriot Homes! When it comes to making your home more beautiful with curb appeal your neighbors will envy, we’re the right company and we’ve got your back!

For emergency storm damage repair, roof replacement, roof repair, and home painting, call the best company in Zimmerman. That’s us at Patriot Homes! Call us at (763) 957-2066 or connect with us as quickly online!