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Oak Grove MN Storm Damage Contractor

Oak Grove Welcome Sign in front of summery park - Welcome to Oak GroveWhen the time comes to replace or repair your Oak Grove home’s roof, it’s important to choose the right roofing company for the job. Choose a roofing contractor that brings extensive experience and great customer reviews required to get the job done. Whether your home was hit by a storm or hail damage or you’re upgrading your home exterior for a brand new look, choose Patriot Homes!

Do You Need Storm Damage Inspection and Repair?

Damaged Roofing Shingles

Worn and damaged roofing shingles caused by age, wind-driven storms, or hail impacts can allow water into the roofing layers, the attic, and home and property. If you notice telltale signs of roofing damage, such as shingles that are torn, broken, uplifted, blown askew, or blown away and missing, it’s time to call Oak Grove’s roof repair pros at Patriot Homes (763) 957-2066!

Damaged Siding

Age-related wear and tear, storm damage, and hail impacts can damage your home’s siding in addition to roof damage. Look around your home’s siding to see if there are dents, chips, broken pieces, and missing siding profiles. If you notice siding damage, it’s important to make siding repairs quickly to prevent water and pest infiltration.

When it comes to storm damage to your roof and siding, do not delay calling (763) 957-2066 for assistance! Patriot Homes is Oak Grove’s trusted home exterior restoration pros! We’ve helped thousands of Minnesota homeowners recover from storm damage!

Patriot Homes Storm Damage Services Process

We are proud to provide storm damage repair services to residential and business properties in Oak Grove and the surrounding communities. If your Oak Grove home or business has been hit with storm or hail damage, contact the talented team at Patriot Homes to get the restoration process started with a free roof inspection. We’ll provide you with an honest and accurate estimate and work closely with you and your insurance company to get your home back to pre-storm shape quickly!

Roofing Services in Oak Grove

Sometimes it can be difficult for homeowners to decide if a roof repair or roof replacement is the better choice. Our goal is to provide only the roofing services you want and need. With our free, no-obligation roof inspection and estimate, you’ll have the information in hand necessary to make the best decision for roof repair or roof replacement in Oak Grove.

Whether you need storm damage repair in Oak Grove, upgrading your home exterior, or need any of our home exterior offerings, contact the home exterior pros at Patriot Homes online or by calling (763) 957-2066!

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