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Time is of the essence if your Rosemount house has just suffered hail or storm damage. Allow the experts at Patriot Homes to come and check your roof and the exterior of your house. We will provide you with a detailed assessment of the damage. We can also help you with projects such as home painting and roof replacement if you’re looking for an expert.

At any time of year, storms in Rosemount can cause damage to homes, whether it be from hail, snow, severe winds, or ice dams. It’s critical to be vigilant about damage caused by storms, be prepared for it, and act quickly to make repairs.

The most cost-effective plan of action for repairing storm damage to your roof, gutters, siding, and windows in Rosemount, Minnesota is to hire a competent storm damage contractor. Each stage of the storm damage inspection and repair processes will be assisted by our trustworthy and experienced team of roofers, contractors, and house exterior inspectors. They will ensure that you get the fullest possible coverage for any storm or hail damage.


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Devastating storms are nothing new to Rosemount, Dakota County, MN. It’s a good idea to walk around your property and look for visible signs of damage any time after storms with prolonged, high-speed winds, hailstorms, or if your roof is aging. Call us at (763) 957-2066 for a free roof check if you notice any broken shingles or debris on your roof, or if there are any missing shingles.

Also keep an eye out for gutter damage like drooping, dents, or split seams. Blown-off siding profiles, holes, dents, and chipped paint are examples of siding damage. Not all storm damage is visible, such as hail-caused shingle fractures and siding fractures caused by wind force. When you discover that any surrounding homes have storm or hail damage get your home’s exterior evaluated as soon as possible.


The experts at Patriot Homes are among the best qualified to handle your roof replacement in Rosemount, whatever the situation, whether your roof has storm damage or is simply old and beyond repair. Your roof could only require minor repairs. You can decide what is ideal for your particular scenario with our free examination at your disposal. Any Rosemount roof replacement or roof repair is handled seamlessly by us. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority!


Nobody wants to experience storm damage to their home because it’s a terrible thing to deal with. If the problem is not quickly found and fixed, additional damage to a home may result on top of the original harm.

If you believe your home has suffered storm damage, contact Patriot Homes’ storm damage restoration experts. We have handled the insurance companies on behalf of hundreds of homeowners. You can be confident that you’ll receive all of the money that is owed to you for storm damage with the help of our thorough inspections using video and photos. Finally, we’ll work hard to restore your home back to its great and beautiful condition!

Remember that it’s crucial to make quick repairs to storm and hail damage! If you put off getting a roof inspection or roof repairs when they are required, you run the danger of causing more harm to siding and a roofing system that is already damaged. Insurance companies could refuse to pay for additional damage to your home and property if storm damage is left unattended. As well, homeowners insurance policies often include a deadline for filing a claim.


Every year, we examine hundreds of roofs in Rosemount and the Twin Cities Metro area. Most of the time, our thorough roof inspections reveal that a roof repair rather than a roof replacement is all that is needed. We just wish to offer you the roofing services you require and want. We provide quick, cost-free storm damage inspections with no strings attached. Call us for a free roof assessment if your house has experienced hail or strong, persistent winds.


Does your house require a fresh coat of paint? Are you thinking about painting the interior of your Rosemount house to make it look brighter and more lively? Patriot Homes, a veteran-owned business, is the only place to look! We’re the right business and we’ve got your back when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your property with curb appeal that will make your neighbors envious!

Call Rosemount’s top company for home painting, roof replacement, roof repair, and emergency storm damage restoration. That’s us at Patriot Homes in Rosemount, Dakota County! Call us at (763) 957-2066 or contact us online as soon as possible!