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New Full Restoration Project in Oak Grove MN

CLIENT PROFILE & NEED - This client's siding, roofing, soffit, and fascia had become tired after many years of wear and tear of MN's ruthless weather, especially hail and storms.   PROCESS & CHALLENGES - They decided to go with Belmont-grey shingles for the roof and a toasted almond siding was upgraded to LP Granite and all-new white custom bent soffit and fascia.   RESULT OF THE JOB - The client was very satisfied with the end result as it changed the curb appeal 100%  

New Roof and Siding Andover MN

CLIENT PROFILE & NEED - This clients siding and roof had become tired after many years of the abuse from MN weather. They decided to go with IKO Glacier shingles and a toasted almond siding by   PROCESS & CHALLENGES - There we minor challenges with this style of home. The stone face and various stepped out sections kept our installers on their toes.  Other than a small amount of snow to work with, this job was performed fast and efficient.   RESULT OF THE JOB - The client was thrilled with the end job as it made the house look brand new.

Quick response brings quick solutions

CLIENT PROFILE & NEED - The client had a water leak in the roof and the client was suspecting that some of the shingles had been damaged. Based on the client's description of a problem the inspection was set up to assess the situation. After a thorough inspection of the roof by Patriot Homes LLC professionals, the damaged area was identified.   PROCESS & CHALLENGES - Squirrels had chewed through some of the plastic attached to the ventilation PVC pipe coming out of the roof causing water to get in-between to pipes causing a leak in the client's house.   RESULT OF THE JOB - Fixed the

High Quality Roof Shingles Replacement with $0

CLIENT PROFILE & NEED - We were called to inspect the roof and siding for any storm damage and possible leaks. Our inspection revealed damage on the roof as well as on the siding. Patriot Homes LLC presented the done inspection on the house to the insurance adjuster and it was fully approved for the new roof to be paid for by the insurance company. PROCESS & CHALLENGES - Not sure what to put here.. without knowing more about the project   RESULT OF THE JOB - High-quality siding- and roof shingles replacement with no extra cost to the Client. The client was very happy with the

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