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City of Loretto, MN Logo - Patriot Homes Service AreaReady to work with a roofing company you can trust for all your roofing needs? Choose a local roofer with a skilled team who focuses on providing each customer with a great experience. Patriot Homes offers solutions for roofs, building siding, and gutters in Loretto, MN, and surrounding locations! Make us the only company you call when you need peace of mind, gorgeous GAF products, and other roof materials.

Services Our Roofing Contractors Provide

We kick off each project with an inspection covering all points of the service area. Your designated roofer will discuss what your residential or commercial property needs and the best approach to the project. Patriot Homes offers a myriad of ways to improve your property with the protection it requires.

Roof Replacement and Installation

When you need your roof replaced, you’ll notice constant leaks, visible roof damage, and missing GAF roof shingles along the top of the building. Once these issues become a regular occurrence, only a new roof offers permanent respite. Our contractors can quickly install new roofs on businesses and houses.

If you want a beautiful roof with aesthetically pleasing color, explore our GAF shingles. Our professionals also recommend metal roofing as an incredibly durable option to protect your property’s future.

Roof Repairs

Our inspection may turn up evidence that you need a roof repair service instead of a new roof. Many roofing shingles sustain damage from storm winds and heavy snow. Our Loretto roofing company will replace damaged GAF, metal, and other roofing supplies during our thorough storm restoration process. Whether you have problems with leaks, algal growth, or other roofing problems, you can rest assured that a job by our team will prolong the lifespan of your house or business.

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Siding Service

The siding of a store or house protects the building’s structural integrity. It insulates the indoor area, preventing moisture and debris from entering the building. Business owners and homeowners often report visible cracks, chipped paint, and dents. Our roofer often picks up on smaller but equally problematic damage in these essential structures. We’re proud to protect the sides of your structure with quality supplies that outlast Minnesota elements.

Gutter Service

As a roofing company, we also understand the important role your gutters play in protecting your commercial or residential property. Each completed gutter job diverts water off of a property’s roof and away from its foundation. Adding a gutter system to your property is a secure, lasting investment with our team’s expertise.

What Makes Our Roofing Contractor Different From Other Roofing Companies in Loretto, MN

Reliable roofing in Loretto, MN, is essential to maintaining safe homes and businesses. We offer financing options for commercial and residential properties within our communities. You can’t go wrong with an established local company that earns high ratings from the Better Business Bureau and offers the best warranties to its customers.

Choose Patriot Homes as Your Preferred Roofing Company

Do you need assistance from a professional roofer representing a highly-rated roofing company in Loretto, MN? Contact Patriot Homes with your idea. Call (763) 957-2066 to request a free inspection.