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When you’re in need of a roof repair or roof replacement due to hail damage or wind and storm damage, the hiring decision for roofing contractors in Northfield is extremely important. The quality of roof replacement or roof repair will impact your home for years. A good roofing company will be experienced in guiding their customers through the insurance claims process. That’s Patriot Homes!

Northfield homeowners should be aware of the possible consequences that arise from storm damage left unchecked and unrepaired. Homes and businesses in Northfield and the surrounding communities are often facing the elements at their worst, such as heavy rain, wind bursts, hail, and tornadoes.

Hiring a professional and reputable storm damage restoration contractor is the critical first step when you need a roof repair, roof replacement, or any other storm damage repair in Northfield MN. Patriot Homes is your trusted roofing contractor. Our excellent team will help navigate you through the insurance claims process starting with a fast, free storm damage inspection.

Signs of Hail Damage, Wind Damage, and Water Damage

Missing, Torn, or Fractured ShinglesRoof Hail Damage

Roofing shingles and tiles that are missing, torn or fractured require the attention of your roofing contractor right away. Strong winds, rain, snow, and ice can cause damage to your roof over time or during a single severe weather event. Hail impacts can fracture roofing shingles, which dramatically reduces their useful lifespan. Left unchecked, damaged and missing shingles allow water infiltration which can cause expensive damage to your home.

Siding, Gutter, and Windows

Siding, gutters, and windows are also vulnerable to storm and hail damage. A broken window, holes in siding, missing siding profiles, and sagging gutters are obvious signs of hail and storm damage.

Though, there are less noticeable storm damage signs and even hidden signs of storm damage, such as broken siding brackets and mold growth behind siding, that your Northfield roofing contractor is trained to identify. If your home has been hit by hail or strong wind-driven storms, call Patriot Homes for a fast, free storm damage inspection!

Keep in mind, that the critical point regarding roofing, siding, gutters, and window issues is that if repairs or replacements are delayed, you run the risk of incurring additional damage to your Northfield home. When it comes to filing a storm damage insurance claim, there is typically a one-year time limit to file with insurance companies. Additionally, storm damages to your home that are due to delayed repairs are typically not covered.

Storm Damage Repair and Insurance Claim Process

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Our talented team of home inspectors and roofing contractors at Patriot Homes provides home repair services to residential and commercial properties in Northfield MN.

If your home has sustained storm damage within the past year, contact Patriot Homes right away at (763) 957-2066. We’ll send a trained roofing and home exterior inspector to assess the damage the storm caused to your home free of charge and with no obligation whatsoever. We can also provide you with an accurate estimate to help you decide if filing a storm damage insurance claim is your best option.

We at Patriot Homes have extensive experience working with insurance companies. If you need to file a storm damage claim with your homeowner’s insurance company, we will work hard to ensure you receive the most coverage possible. Our pro team knows what insurance adjusters look for to approve a storm damage claim.

We use digital imaging and video to accurately document all of the storm damage your roof and home sustained. We’ll work closely with your insurance adjuster, relieving much of the stress from your shoulders. Once your claim is approved, we’ll get started quickly with the storm damage restoration for any damaged roofing structure, gutters, siding, and windows.

Striving For Excellence, Committed To Service!

Just like the motto of Northfield, Patriot Homes is always “Striving For Excellence, Committed To Service”. We’re a veteran-owned and operated company. When storm damage occurs to your home, we have your back!

We at Patriot Homes are proud to serve Northfield and the greater Twin Cities Metro area with expert storm damage repair and hail damage repair services, including roof replacements, roof repairs, custom-fit gutter installation, replacement siding, replacement windows, and home painting.

We have an A+ rating with the BBB, and we have a 5-star rating on Google reviews and more stellar reviews on third-party sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Thumbtack!

When you need storm damage repair in Northfield or any of our other home exterior services, call us at (763) 957-2066 or reach out to us through our online contact form.

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