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Storm damage can be devastating to your St. Cloud home and property. Veteran-owned roofing contractor Patriot Homes is in your corner! We provide free St. Cloud storm damage inspections to start the process of getting your home back to pre-storm condition!

Signs You Need Storm Damage Repair and Restoration

Roof Shingle Damage

Wind-driven storms can crop up at any time causing fast and extensive damage to your St. Cloud home. Some of the signs your home has suffered storm damage are missing shingles, torn shingles, and fractured shingles. Shingle damage leads to more damage to your home by allowing water to penetrate inside, and water damage is very expensive and difficult to mitigate.

Siding Damage

The siding that wraps your home protects it much like your roof does. When the siding is damaged, whether by storm damage, water damage, or insect damage, siding should be repaired or replaced quickly to prevent further damage to the interior of your home and property. Replacement siding installed by Patriot Homes will help your home look much better, increase value, and increase energy efficiency!

Process For Storm Damage Repair and Restoration

The timeline for storm damage, storm damage inspection, and beginning storm damage repair is critical. Call the pros at Patriot Homes at the first sign of storm damage or even if you suspect your roof may have been damaged. Some damage can only be seen close up by an experienced storm damage inspector.

Once we have provided your insurance company with the estimate, we’ll get to work quickly to get your home covered up to prevent further damage, and will work hard to get your home back to pre-storm condition as soon as possible. We know you want your home back to normal, and we’re here to help!

If your St. Cloud home has been hit by storm damage, don’t hesitate. Call the pros at Patriot Homes! Contact us by calling  (763) 957-2066 or connect with us online!

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