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Your roof is an essential feature of your home. Maintaining your roof is crucial for keeping your family safe from the elements and improving your house’s curb appeal.

During harsh Minnesota winters, your roof needs to withstand extreme conditions. When storm damage or general wear and tear jeopardize your roof, it’s essential to have Spring Lake Park, MN, roofing repair services available to address the problems.

Call Patriot Homes for reliable Minneapolis and Spring Lake Park, MN, roofing services.

No job is too big or small for our qualified repair technicians. Patriot Homes repair services can also handle roofs made from various materials. We approach every project with expertise and craftsmanship—call today!

Quality Roofing Services From Patriot Homes

Patriot Homes provides quality roofing services. Spring Lake Park, MN, homeowners benefit from our experienced repair technicians.

Storm Restoration and Roofing Repair Services

Minnesota winters can wreak havoc on your roof, but Patriot Homes is here to provide the best repairs.

When your Spring Lake Park, MN, roof experiences damage from the high winds of Minnesota blizzards, it can compromise a few shingles or the entire roof.

Another issue many roofs encounter is hail damage. Hail damage can cause divots or dents in your roofing structure, creating holes that allow leaks or other significant problems to form.

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Shingle Replacement and Roof Maintenance

While repairs can be extensive, sometimes your roofing only needs a few touch-ups.

For single shingle replacement or minor roof maintenance, call Patriot Homes. We understand roof repairs are necessary to maintain the structure and aesthetic of your Spring Lake Park, MN, roof.

Call today to inquire about what our company can do to inspect and repair minor damage to your roof.

New Roof installation

Patriot Homes offers high-quality craftsmanship for new roof installation.

Putting a roof on your Spring Lake Park home is no easy task and certainly not something you can accomplish alone. New roofs require additional structures in your home that provide support and crucial space for systems like HVAC ducts, electrical, and plumbing.

Call our Spring Lake Park technicians to install your new roof today.

Siding Installation

An additional feature of your roof is home siding. Siding provides extra protection for your home’s exterior and upgrades its aesthetic.

Another crucial function of siding is to protect your windows. Windows framed by home siding are more structurally sound and sturdy.

Call Patriot Homes to help install siding on your home today.

Gutter Installation

Gutters are crucial for any functioning roof. Without gutters, water would not leave your roof’s surface safely and could lead to rot.

We recommend installing gutters during roof installation to protect your roof from the start. Ask Patriot Homes about installing gutters for your roofing today.

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For more information about roofing and related services for your Spring Lake Park home, call (763) 957-2066 to learn what our company can do for storm damage or any other issue you may face.