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Has your home been struck by a severe wind-driven storm? Has your home been through a hail storm? It’s important to make sure your home is inspected by a reputable roofing contractor to make sure there is no damage. If you are searching for a home and roofing contractor, look no further!


Severe storms and hail are known to strike Lino Lakes and the Twin Cities Metro area at any time. It’s important to be prepared before the storm. It’s also important to know what to do following a damaging storm. Winds that exceed 40 MPH can cause damage to roofing shingles, and that’s if roofing shingles are in good shape. If a roof is lacking maintenance and repairs, storm damage can be much worse. Wind can uplift shingles and allow water intrusion. High winds can also tear shingles or blow them off the roof entirely.

During the summer season, hail storms are a real threat to home and property. Hailstones of all sizes can travel up to 120 MPH damaging everything in their path, including your roof, gutters, siding, windows, and doors. To keep your roof and home prepared for storms and hail, schedule a roof inspection every year with your roofing contractor. Take care of any roofing repairs you may need. Call your roofing contractor following wind-driven storms and hail.


Do you remember the last time you had a roof inspection? Your roof protects your home, but it needs help to do its job. A roof that is neglected is going to have a shortened useful lifespan. Schedule a FREE ROOF INSPECTION with Patriot Homes so that you know the condition your roof is in.

Our comprehensive roof inspection will show you approximately how long your roof is going to last before it needs to be replaced. We use images and video so you can see for yourself the condition of your roof. If you do need a roof replacement, we have your back! We set the bar high in Lino Lakes and the Twin Cities Metro area for quality roofing craftsmanship and quality materials.

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor. At Patriot Homes, we work hard to provide 100 percent satisfaction because we take pride in every job we do, and we want you as a valued customer for years to come. Call us today at (763) 957-2066 for a no-obligation FREE ROOF INSPECTION!

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