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Plymouth, MN, is a suburb in the Twin Cities area, popular for its rolling terrain, lakes, and well-planned residential

neighborhoods. At Patriot Homes, our Plymouth roofing company helps keep the roofs in these neighborhoods and business districts in excellent shape. If you have a roof-related project in the area, put us on speed dial for guaranteed quality and professionalism on every job.

With the blistering summers and harsh winters in the area, no property owner can afford a low-quality roof system. Instead, choose a reliable roofing contractor like Patriot Homes for top-class roof repairs and installation services. You can also depend on us for your gutters, siding, and windows installation and repair.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractors That Deliver Consistently

At Patriot Homes, we help Plymouth homeowners and businesses choose the perfect system every time.

  • For residential properties, we deliver energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetically appealing residential roofs. Is your Plymouth home in the classic, contemporary, or modern style? Our experience ensures you access everything you need.
  • For commercial projects, our team emphasizes functionality, durability, and brand fit. The roof will hold up against the demands of your commercial property for years to come.

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The Roof Replacement Professionals

Many roof systems are surprisingly sturdy, but these materials are not indestructible. They have a finite lifespan, which shortens as the roofing deteriorates badly due to age or weather events. Roof repair may not be enough, but a replacement can be extremely beneficial.

In fact, replacing an old roof at the right time can save on several unwanted expenses down the line. Customers who use our roofing services get a system that’s every inch an upgrade on the previous one. A well-timed replacement is worth it for any Plymouth property owner that wants a great return on investment.

Storm Restoration and Insurance Claims

Are you looking for a Plymouth roofing company you can depend on for professional storm damage restoration services? Patriot Homes will replace missing shingles and repair any other damaged parts of your roof system. You can also trust us for help through the claims process with your insurance company.

For example, depending on your insurance contract, your provider might take over the cost of the roof repairs or pay for the new roof replacement. However, any errors in the filing process would lead to an instant denial of your claim. Work with our Plymouth roofers, who are experienced in handling the process, for complete peace of mind.

Expert Maintenance Services

As most professional roofers will agree, routine maintenance for roofing helps people avoid costly repairs over time. The roofing contractor can spot common problems in the early stages and prevent their progression. We remain one of the top roofing companies in the area with plenty of active maintenance agreements, and we would love to add you to the list of happy customers.

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