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City of Shakopee, MN Logo - Patriot Homes Service AreaYour home relies on your roof, siding, windows, and gutters to provide protection against the harsh Minnesota weather. When Shakopee, MN, homeowners need roof repairs, replacement, or inspection, they call Patriot Homes.

As a full-service roofing company, we provide superior service for all your roofing needs, including window and siding repair. When you think of roofing in Shakopee, MN, think of Patriot Homes.

Signs You Need Roofing Contractors

You’ll know you need roofing repairs or replacement if you notice the following signs.

Traditional shingle roofing lasts an average of 30 years, though metal roofing can last up to 70 years. You should start saving and planning for a new roof when it approaches the end of its life.

Damage to your home’s roof manifests in a variety of ways. However, storm damage is the most common cause. Shingles are susceptible to hail damage and high winds, and overhanging trees can cause severe damage when they fall on your home. If you need storm restoration, Patriot Homes can help.

Skyrocketing energy bills can indicate you require a roof repair. A damaged roof can’t provide adequate insulation and causes undesirable temperature changes. A new or repaired roof can restore your utility bills to normal.

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Benefits of a New Roof Over Repairs

What are the benefits of a new roof? When you choose Patriot for the job, you’ll receive the following benefits.

With new roofs come reduced energy costs and repairs. You’ll like save on insurance premiums too. With better insulation and shingles your investment will pay off over time.

A new roof provides greater protection from the weather, increasing your home’s comfort and temperature control.

A beautiful roof increases your home’s value, safety, and comfort. You can rest easy without worrying about your roof’s quality.

What’s the Roof Replacement Process?

As a Shakopee roofing business, how do we replace your roof? Our process has three easy steps for stress-free replacement.

First, we inspect roof to confirm it requires more than just repairs. We’ll give you an upfront estimate for a new high-quality roof, the cost of which depends on several factors like the size and material of the roof.

Next, we’ll install the roof over several days, completing the process as efficiently as possible.

Finally, we’ll confirm that you are 100% satisfied and your roof is up to our rigorous standards.

What Makes Us the Best Roofing Company?

We’re the best because our comprehensive services include everything in your home’s exterior from roofing to siding and gutters.

Our highly-trained and experienced roofers provide top-tier service and professionalism on every job. We guarantee your satisfaction and keep our prices competitive. Just check out reviews to see how our reputation stands up.

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Patriot Homes wants to be your choice of roofing company. With the dedication and care we bring to every project, you can’t help but feel satisfied. No matter how simple or complicated the project, we’re the experts you need.

To book a consultation with an experienced Shakopee roofing company, call Patriot Homes at (763) 957-2066 or reach out online.