Roof Repair Insurance Claim Guide

To file or not to file a roof damage claim? That is the question Patriot Homes' roofing installation contractors hear often.

Here’s what to consider when claiming for a roof repair.

Check What Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Will Cover

With any insurance policy, a home insurance company aims to help you maintain the status quo. Your policy won't exceed your roof's value before the damage; it will only help you get the roof back to its previous condition. 

Your insurance adjuster will consider factors such as:

  • Whether the policy covers disasters outside of wind and hail damage
  • Whether your actions contributed to the roofing material’s damage
  • The roof's actual cash value (replacement cost value)

Looking at your policy through the eyes of these insurance adjusters helps you plot your next move.

Document Your Own Evidence to Back Your Roof Insurance Claim

Do you know what to consider when claiming for a roof repair? Evidence. Fortifying your roof insurance claims with your own evidence strengthens your claim.

For example, an adjuster will photograph and record details about the storm damage before determining the results of the claims process. Why not schedule local roofing companies for an inspection, photographs of the roof damage, and more to bolster your insurance coverage?

Lakeville, MN Roofing CompanyMake a Decision About “Repair or Roofing Replacement Near Me”

A home insurance claim for roof repair might have you stumbling upon choices for “roofing installation near me,” gutter installers, or even residential and commercial painting ads. However, when it comes to roofing and siding repair, specialists do it best.  

Here are some things to think about before calling your insurer:

Can You Pay Out of Pocket?

Your roofing contractor might recommend a minor roofing repair. If it’s only replacing a few missing shingles, you could circumvent the roof insurance claim process to keep your premiums low by paying out of pocket. Replacing the entire roof might be worth the roof damage claim to cover the hefty price tag, though.

How Many Claims Have You Made?

Have you made numerous roof claims within the last five years? Two or three storm restoration or window installation claims in five or ten years are usually acceptable. However, one more roof claim means another premium increase, or worse, denied coverage, so consider working with your roofing company to create a payment plan instead.

How Does Your Deductible Measure Up?

When it comes to your insurance policy, there’s a deductible in play for roofing replacement projects. Now, if you get quotes from local roofers and those estimates don’t quite reach your deductible level — something that’s not uncommon with storm damage fixes — then, unfortunately, your insurance won’t be stepping in to cover any part of the bill. This means that making a claim for roof damage might not really be in your best interest, unless, of course, you’re also thinking about throwing in some extra work, like getting your gutters replaced. That could push your total costs over the deductible limit, making it a more worthwhile endeavor.

Learn More From Patriot Homes

Like residential painting or siding replacement, ice damage prevention, knowing what to consider when claiming for a roof repair also involves finding the right roofing contractor. Luckily, you've found the best with Patriot Homes. Call (763) 957-2066 to schedule roof replacement services or chat with us about your options.