Ice Damage on a MN home

Sun, rain, wind, and storms can all wreak havoc on roofs. Perhaps the most dangerous weather conditions to look out for are heavy snowfall and ice buildup. These spell trouble for any homeowner looking to avoid ice dams on top of their roof.

Learn why ice dam damage is so concerning and what you can do to protect your roof from winter weather. Roofing company experts explain everything you need to know.

How Ice Dams Form and Damage Roofs

When snow and ice accumulate on your roof, you probably think the only way you can get rid of it is by waiting for warm weather to arrive and melt it all. Snow melts as warm air sets in, but a sudden burst of cold air causes an ice dam to form over the roof's thick ridges.

Even if the air temperature remains cold, heat coming from the attic floor can create a warm roof and lead to ice dams. When ice accumulates due to heat loss at the edge of the roof, it can expand and block your gutters. Gutter installers warn that ice dams in this part of the roof can require roofing repair.

The ice dam restricts any melting snow buildup from traveling down the gutters. Instead, water flows over the side of the house or seeps beneath the roof shingles. When this happens, homeowners must tend to a lot of issues during the winter months, including:

  • Siding repair: Water overflow can damage your siding and require local roofing companies to replace it.
  • Storm restoration: Severe weather brings ice dams as well as the potential for storm damage repair.
  • Water damage: Ice dams lead to leaky roofs. The leak could create stains that residential painting needs to cover up. In severe cases, leaks could lead to roof replacement.
  • Gutters installation: Heavy ice dams can cause gutters to break apart and force you to have a roofing company install a new system.

How To Prevent Ice Dams

How can you protect your roof and prevent ice dams? Experts suggest you start by clearing off snow with a roof rake, but be careful not to loosen shingles. Roofing installation companies also urge homeowners to check the attic for potential gaps that promote heat escaping.

If an ice dam is a common occurrence, it's possible that you need more insulation in your attic. Adding insulation can prevent heat from escaping and also lower your heating costs.

Finally, you should keep your gutters clean so water and snowmelt can flow freely away from your rooftop and siding. If you need an expert to inspect your gutters, most roofing installation contractors provide gutter services.

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