Front of the 2 story home of Patriot Homes' finished Roofing job in MN

Do you need roof repairs or a replacement? Keep reading to discover the 10 reasons to hire your local roofing contractor over a national chain.

Patriot Homes is your best choice for local roofers. We can handle every roofing project with professionalism.

1. Accessibility

Working with local roofing companies means you have better access to their local office and employees. Their schedule is more open, and they're less likely to be late as they're more familiar with the area.

2. Reputation

When you hire a local contractor, you gain access to genuine local references that grant insight into the company's quality. By looking at reviews of a local roofing professional, you can get a better idea of what your neighbors think of their work.

3. Resource Access

Your local roofing company has worked hard to network with other contractors and suppliers. They have an excellent supply line and access to varying talents around your city.

While national contractors might struggle to get materials or workers to your job site, a local provider won't.

4. Guaranteed Compliance

When you hire a local roofer, you're certain they know all local building codes and guidelines.

5. Communication

You can't beat the communication of your local roofers because they relate to the needs of your community. With them, you're not just a number; they'll work hard to call you back quickly, communicate frequently, and provide open and honest dialogue.

6. Local Roofing Company Support

Hiring locally ensures you give back to your community. The people who your town's roofing business employ spend their money in the city, meaning they give back to the local economy.

If they're good at advertising, they also likely help support local events through charitable giving or marketing expenses.

7. Easier Insurance Process

Because they likely know your insurance agent, a local business can make roof inspections, roofing repairs, and roof replacement more streamlined.

8. Quality Materials

A professional roofing contractor should have access to the best quality materials to provide a wide range of options and high-quality services.

While a national company likely uses the cheapest possible materials to keep shipping and resource costs low, a local provider can afford more expensive resources. They also have connections with nearby roofing material manufacturers, so they save on shipping and keep their costs lower.

9. Climate Knowledge

A national roofing company isn't familiar with your local weather and can make mistakes about the best materials to use. Local companies know how to make your roof durable against local conditions.

10. Superior Customer Service

Why hire your local roofing contractor? Because a local company usually has higher quality services than a national company. Local roofing contractors have to keep you happy because they're part of your community. A national chain can just forget about you once they're done.

Use Patriot Homes As Your Local Roofing Contractors

There are many reasons to hire your local roofing contractor. When you need local contractors and roofing services, make Patriot Homes your number-one choice. We're Twin City's favorite residential roofing and installation services specialists. We also provide additional services like siding replacement, window installation, painting, and storm restoration.

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