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Are you looking for top-shelf roofing contractors near Andover, Minnesota? Consider the best nine traits to look for in an MN roofing company, then give Patriot Homes a call for a service appointment or contact us online.

1. Free Consultation or Inspection

Most roofing companies will offer detailed consultation or inspection appointments before supplying their services. This allows them to determine whether you need a roof replacement and repairs and to get the fullest picture. Their estimate will depend on roof size, materials, roof condition, and more.

2. Reasonable Roofing Costs

It makes sense that installing a new roof will cost more than replacing a leaky roof. While prices vary based on your roofing material, size, and more, local roofers should supply a fair and honest price. A quote that is suspiciously low or ridiculously high should tell you to get second or third opinions.

3. Insurance and Proper Licenses

Some of the most reliable roofing contractors that do things by the book will have valid insurance and licenses to protect you and yourself.

Don’t hire someone for roof installation without the right credentials!

4. Top-Rated Roofing Contractors

Read Our Customer ReviewsYou should check on the reputation of roofing contractors before hiring them for roof replacement or having them tear off your old roof. Your entire roof protects your property, so you need to know you’ve selected someone who the local community knows and trusts.

5. Excellent Communication

A communicative MN roofing contractor will keep you in the loop throughout your roofing services. They’ll happily answer your questions and explain labor costs, being there for you when you need them.

6. Top-Quality Roofing Materials

Every good roofing project starts with superior materials and equipment. Roofers will choose quality metal roofing for replacement or have the best repair materials for asphalt shingle roofs. Anything subpar simply won’t do if you want your roof to last for years.

7. Knowledge of Metal Roofs

Although asphalt shingles are some of the most common materials for roofs, many roofing companies understand how to install and repair metal roofing. When you’re looking to upgrade your old roof, metal is often a long-lasting and excellent fit, but you need a good roofer for installation.

8. Careful Attention to Detail

Some of the best local roofing contractors are precise and detail-oriented with their work. When performing roof removal, they’ll verify every square foot of your new roof is perfect. A skilled roofer will help you avoid costly repairs by doing things correctly the first time around.

9. Understanding of Local Building Codes

Most roofers who offer roof repairs should have an extensive understanding of local building codes. This ensures every square foot of the new roofs they install are safe and code-compliant, preventing the need for costly fixes. Check that your roofer pick has this knowledge!

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