MN_Homeowner stacking cubes of Checkmarks on table symbolising doing a spring checkup on your home

As early spring rolls in, many homeowners begin putting together a home maintenance checklist. From the top of your house to your lawn, checking every inch of your home's exterior can help you prevent problems from developing. Take a look at these helpful additions to your spring maintenance checklist.

Check Out Your Roof

Dirty, broken roof shingles or tiles can result from heavy fall rains and winter damage. Carefully climb a ladder and examine the state of your roof to see how it fared throughout wind, rain, and snow melts. Once you feel it's in good working order, power washing can help you clean off leaves, sticks, mold, or mildew streaks.

If you are unsure, unable or don't know how to check your roof, make sure to give a quick call to Patriot Homes and we will give you a Fast Free Estimate on your roof in case there are any problems. Our roofing pros know exactly what is difference between normal wear and tear and what could cause your house extensive damage during next rainfall.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Gutters collect a lot of leaves, dirt, and other natural debris throughout the fall and winter. You can use your hands to rake out piles of debris, followed by a cleaning with your hose, which also helps you check that the gutters still work properly. If you see leaks or other signs of gutter damage, call a professional to help you fix it before summer hits.

Inspect Your Attic

Add your attic to your regular maintenance list, not just the spring one. Your attic can fall prey to water damage that endangers your home's structure and allows mold or mildew to develop. These dangerous fungi put your family's health at risk, so a thorough attic inspection can tell you if you need repairs.

Examine Your Siding

Take a look at your siding and ensure no mold or algae growth has taken hold over the winter. You can remove streaks or biological growth with a pressure washer and also cleaning gutter exteriors, the outside air conditioning unit, and outdoor faucets. Before pressure washing, check that your siding has no holes that would allow water to drip into the walls. In case your siding has been damaged don't hesitate to call your neighborhood siding company. We guarantee you a free estimate before starting to work on your home. We have helped many MN customers, find out more about the 5-star reviews of the exterior construction services we offer near you.

Check Door and Window Frames

Many homeowners start spring cleaning by opening their windows and screen doors to welcome in the fresh air. Make checking your door and window seals a part of your regular home maintenance, as these areas can leak cold air out and let the summer heat in. Install screens in windows and doors if the current screens have holes in them to keep out insects and other pests.

Look Over Your Landscape

Cleaning up your landscape during your spring maintenance check can create more space in your yard and allow you to create your ideal outdoor space. Mow your grass, check your lawn to ensure no overly dry spots or plant diseases exist, then plan for regular lawn maintenance to make it easier throughout the rest of the year.

Tick Off Every Box of Your Spring Cleaning Checklist with Patriot Homes

Creating a beautifully clean house during the spring helps you keep up with your home's maintenance throughout the year. Many of the items on these spring maintenance tips can apply to general seasonal maintenance. Whether you want help ticking off your list or need storm restoration around Andover, MN, our team at Patriot Homes can help, call us at (763) 957-2066 today or contact us online for your FREE Estimate on any of your exterior needs.