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Are you trying to find the best roofers in Andover, Minnesota? Examine the strong arguments for selecting Patriot Homes as your go-to MN roofing specialist, then get in touch with us to schedule a service call right now.

No Cost Consultation and Assessment

Patriot Homes puts its customers first by providing thorough, cost-free consultations and inspections prior to starting any roofing work. This guarantees a thorough grasp of your roofing requirements, including those for repairs or a full roof replacement.

Fair and Competitive Roofing Costs

Understanding that roofing projects vary in scope and complexity, we provide transparent and reasonable pricing for our services. While costs may fluctuate based on factors like roofing materials and size, you can trust our local roofers to deliver an honest and fair quote. Be cautious of quotes that seem too low or unreasonably high, and seek multiple opinions if needed.

Fully Insured and Licensed

Patriot Homes takes pride in adhering to industry standards and regulations. Our team of reliable roofing contractors is fully insured and licensed, ensuring both your safety and ours. Don’t compromise on credentials when it comes to roof installation – choose a contractor with the right qualifications.

Top-Rated Reputation

Before entrusting a roofing contractor with your project, it’s crucial to assess their reputation. Patriot Homes has earned the trust of the local community as a top-rated roofing company. Your property’s protection is our priority, and our reputation reflects our commitment to quality and reliability.

Clear Communication

Communication is key in any roofing project, and Patriot Homes values transparent and effective communication with clients. Our MN roofing contractors keep you informed throughout the entire process, readily addressing your queries and explaining labor costs. We stand ready to assist you whenever you require our services.

Premium Roofing Materials

Exceptional Roofing Materials The foundation of a successful roofing endeavor lies in the utilization of superior materials and equipment. At Patriot Homes, we carefully choose top-tier materials, opting for quality metal roofing for replacements and premium repair materials designed for asphalt shingle roofs. Our commitment is to provide enduring outcomes for your roof.

Expertise in Metal Roofs

While asphalt shingles are common, Patriot Homes understands the importance of expertise in installing and repairing metal roofing. If you’re considering upgrading to a durable and long-lasting metal roof, our skilled roofers are the right choice for impeccable installation.

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Meticulous Attention to Detail

Precision and attention to detail set Patriot Homes apart. During roof removals, our meticulous roofers ensure that every square foot of your new roof meets perfection. By doing things right the first time, we help you avoid unnecessary and costly repairs down the road.

Knowledge of Local Building Codes

Our experienced roofers at Patriot Homes possess an in-depth understanding of local building codes. This knowledge guarantees that every square foot of the roofs we install is not only safe but also fully compliant with local regulations. Avoid future expenses with a roofing contractor who prioritizes code adherence.

For the best roofing installation in Andover, Minnesota, contact Patriot Homes. Our affordable and professional roofing services, coupled with our friendly and skilled team, make us the go-to choice for all your roofing needs. Call us at (763) 957-2066 to get your free roofing estimate today by contacting us online.