Expert Weatherproofing Strategies to Combat Storm Damage in MN

Minnesota attracts frighteningly bad weather, like tornadoes, flooding, and relentless wind. The spring and summer storm season ushers most of these events and might inspire you to protect your home. Patriot Homes outlines five expert weatherproofing strategies to combat storm damage and injuries below.

#1 Have a Professional Inspect Your Home Before Storm Season

Late winter and early spring are prime times to have local roofing companies and related service providers check your property for structural damage. Request quotes for siding repair, painting, and roof replacement. Scheduling these services before storms with strong winds roll through are the most proactive steps you can take.

You can also:

  • Clean your gutters and downspouts
  • Thin the limbs of nearby trees
  • Waterproof your basement or crawlspace
  • Double-check each interior room for structural problems

Don't hesitate to finance full roof replacement or gutters installation if your provider recommends these services. While you can't always predict the weather, you can protect your house and family with awareness and preparedness.

#2 Keep an Ear Out for Severe Weather Reports

After fortifying your property with necessary repairs, listen intently to local weather reports. NOAA radios, weather apps, and other technology can update you in real time about severe storm concerns. You have plenty of time to fortify doors and windows or park your vehicles under shelter if a forecast predicts a bad storm within a day or two.

#3 Review Your Policy with Your Insurance Company

You might think you know your home insurance policy, but coverage changes sometimes. Ensure you understand your policy's protection regarding:

  • Flash flooding
  • Heavy rain
  • Strong wind
  • Hail damage
  • Other natural events that can damage a house

If your coverage changes, speak with an agent about riders and additional coverage options to better prepare for extensive damage caused by storms.

#4 Secure Your Windows and Outdoor Furniture Before High Winds Hit

One of the most effective weatherproofing strategies to combat storm damage involves tying down or otherwise securing lawn furniture, plastic sheeting, and other belongings you store outdoors. Windy weather can blow these items onto your neighbor's property. In some cases, strong winds might blow yard chairs, tables, and outdoor plants through a roof or window.

Securing your belongings can prevent storm damage to your and surrounding properties. It may also protect your wallet from avoidable storm restoration or storm damage repair.

#5 Have a Designated Safe Location with Emergency Supplies

Last but not least, you must protect yourself and your family. Choose a predetermined shelter inside your house. It should be as close to the home's foundation as possible toward the center-most part of the building. Such locations offer more structural stability and, therefore, safety.

Pack an emergency supply bag containing:

  • Nonperishable food and drink
  • A battery-powered weather radio
  • Several flashlights
  • Extra clothes

You can still see and know what to expect, even if you lose electricity.

Ask Patriot Homes About Weatherproofing Strategies to Combat Storm Damage

These aren't the only expert weatherproofing strategies to combat storm damage. Patriot Homes can provide more personalized tips following a free roof, window, or siding inspection. Schedule yours at (763) 957-2066.