When most people think of wintertime, they imagine holidays, snowy landscapes, or evenings by the fire. Home improvement is the last thing on their minds. However, getting rid of your old siding during the winter months could be more convenient and cost-effective than waiting until the warmer months.

1. The Added Convenience of Siding Installation in the Winter

Since most people wait until spring to replace their siding, choosing to replace your siding during the winter season means there will be more open slots to choose from. You might be able to get a better price on siding materials in the winter when the demand is lower.

Plant owners appreciate fixing their homes without having to worry about accidental damage to their plants, trees, or shrubbery. At Patriot Homes, we take the utmost care with our customers’ property and working in the winter makes the siding installation process more efficient in cases that involve landscaping.

2. Protect Your Home From Storm Damage by Repairing Your Siding

If your home suffered any storm damage in the fall or summer months, protect your home’s curb appeal and structural integrity by installing siding before the weather turns cold. Don’t let damage to gutters, windows, roofing, or siding lead to water damage when the snow melts in the spring.

3. Save Money on Energy Bills this Winter by Enhancing Home Energy Efficiency

Late fall or early winter is the best time to replace your old or damaged siding with new, energy-efficient siding. Quality siding works with the insulation in your home to keep heat inside, reducing utility bills and reducing wear and tear on your central heating system. Don’t wait until the cold weather hits to replace your siding.

4. Improve Your Curb Appeal in Time for Spring

Winter is a fantastic time for many home improvement projects, including siding upgrades. Many Minnesotans prefer to spend the winter months indoors, so they don’t mind if their home exterior has an “under construction” look.

If you get your siding replacement, roof installation, and storm repair projects out of the way early, you’ll be able to impress the neighbors and welcome guests with an exciting and refreshing new look for your home in the spring.

5. Increase the Value of Your Home

Homeowners thinking about listing their homes for sale in the spring or summer should take advantage of the winter for home repairs. They can improve the resale value of their home by installing siding. Home buyers will appreciate the ability to save money on heating bills, and the look of new siding will catch their eye from the moment they step onto the property,

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