During storms, your roof will likely suffer wind, rain, debris, and hail damage. In many cases, you can’t see the extent of the roof damage from ground level. Therefore, most people will ignore the roof unless a branch crashes into it during a storm.

However, in our experience, we know that a professional roof inspection after a storm can help you avoid more severe problems down the line. We’ll review the benefits of hiring a professional roofing contractor for a roof inspection after storms below.

You’ll Find Invisible Damage

When you complete a roof inspection on your own, you’re only likely to spot readily visible signs of storm damage.

Most people stand on the ground for a visual check. Thus, invisible damage can remain undetected for a long time, developing into more serious problems. For example, hail damage can shave off asphalt granules, weakening your roof.

Working with an experienced roofing contractor after a bad storm is the best way to ensure you look beyond visible damage.

You Can Simplify the Insurance Claims Process

Requesting a professional inspection following a storm can make the insurance claim process significantly easier.

The average insurance company will request photos of the storm damage as evidence before they begin processing your claim. Professionals know how to highlight all forms of storm damage to your roof in the images. They can also write a comprehensive report, putting a realistic number on the cost of repairs.

Some of the types of damage the report will capture include:

  • Hail damage
  • Water leaks
  • Missing shingles
  • Damage to roof vents
  • Damaged shingles
  • Water damage around the roof
  • Standing water on the roof

You Will Save Money

Inspecting your new roof on your own increases the likelihood of leaving minor problems undetected. Small leaks will only continue to grow. Missing shingles following strong winds create loopholes, compromising your roofing system.

Over time, minor storm damage will escalate into more serious problems that will cost more money to fix.

In worst-case scenarios, you could end up needing a roof replacement at a time when you can no longer file for insurance payouts for storm repair.

Working with qualified roofing contractors and taking early preventive measures after a strong storm can save you money. It’s the best way to ensure your roof remains in excellent condition for a long time.

You Will Enjoy Peace of Mind

Once the first signs of leaks appear on your property, you’ll remain in a perpetual state of worry about the severity of the issue. You’ll be unsure of what to expect when another storm hits.

However, with a professional roofing inspection, you won’t have to worry anymore. You’ll be aware of your roof issues (if any) and their solutions.

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