Fallen tree on a top of a beige house, destroyed roof after a storm damage

When inclement weather strikes, your home could sustain all sorts of damage, from downed power lines to roof damage. Homeowner’s insurance may cover storm damage, but you must know what to do. Here are five steps to take for storm damage repair from an experienced, local business.

1. Survey Damage

After the storm has passed, carefully walk around your property to check for interior and exterior damage. If the damage is extensive, the area could be unsafe, so watch out for broken glass and exposed nails as you assess things. Don’t go near any downed power lines, and stay away from puddles of standing water.

2. Document All Damaged Areas

You must document every part of the damage for your insurance claims. Take photos or videos of broken windows, collapsed walls, or any further damage you discover while walking around your property. Failure to do so makes it easy for your insurance provider to deny the severity of the damage.

It’s hard to remember details in the aftermath of a traumatic event, and you will need thorough proof of all damage to maximize your claim.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover some or all of the damage. Before you call to file a claim, make a list of all storm damage so you don’t forget anything during the stressful aftermath of a destructive storm.

An insurance adjuster will come to your home to conduct an official assessment of the damage. They can let you know whether the insurance company will cover all storm damage repairs.

4. Secure the Area

Do what you can immediately to prevent more structural damage. Cover any holes in the walls or ceiling with tarps to keep wind and rain from causing further harm. If another storm hits the area, holes in the roof could lead to flooding.

If you notice any standing water, ensure it is not near a live electrical wire. Mold and mildew thrive in damp environments, so clean up as much excess water as possible.

5. Call a Contractor

Once you document the storm damage and alert your insurance company, it’s time to begin the restoration process. Depending on the damage to your exterior surfaces, you may need to call more than one local restoration service provider.

If your roof caves in, you must call a roofing company to repair the damage before it worsens. If a small part of your roof sustains damage in the storm, a simple roofing repair could be all you need to ensure your home is safe. More extensive damage could require complete roof replacement, which is more expensive but necessary for all homes at some point.

Storm Damage Repair Services

Patriot Homes in Andover, MN, provides reliable storm damage services, including window installation and hail damage repair, to restore your home to its original state and lower your stress levels. Call (763) 957-2066  or contact us online to schedule a free estimate for siding repair or any other storm damage.